College of Life Sciences

Dundee Cancer Centre PhD Studentship in the College of Life Sciences

In the College of Life Sciences, the Dundee Cancer Centre PhD studentship will run together with the four-year Wellcome Trust PhD programme. This 4-Year Cancer Research PhD Training Programme has two components:

  • A first year of induction training, three rotation projects and some course work.
  • A 3-Year PhD project. 

During the first year, students undertake three rotation projects on cancer-related topics. Each runs  for approximately 2.5 months.  At the end of the first year, students then choose the laboratory and project for their three-year PhD project. Usually, this is with one of the supervisors from the 3 rotation projects, but can be with any of the eligible supervisors in the College.

Training & Induction

Students will participate in a practical training course beginning in September.  This six week course delivers intensive training in tissue culture, molecular biology, proteomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry.  It also exposes students to the outstanding core facilities available within the College and trains them in basic skills that will underpin their rotation and PhD projects.

In addition to the induction course and the rotation projects, students have the opportunity to meet with many faculty during special sessions that we call Super Seminars.  These consist of weekly meetings with potential supervisors who present a research seminar followed by a journal club in his or her area of interest, to be led by one of the students. This format is designed to stimulate pro-active learning in the diverse areas of Biomedical Sciences currently being researched in Dundee and provide a broad basis of knowledge that will assist students in making their decisions for rotation projects and ultimately their 3-Year PhD project. Other specialised workshops and courses will also be available, for example in scientific writing, presentation skills, through the centralised Generic Skills.


Applications are accepted year-round, although recruitment normally takes place during winter with new students starting annually in September. For more information see the College of Life Sciences website. You may submit an application here.

For more information about the Dundee Cancer Centre 4-Year PhD Programme please contact