About Us


Dundee Cancer Centre provides a hub to facilitate collaboration and communication of cancer-related activities funded by Cancer Research UK and others across the University of Dundee, NHS Tayside and partner organisations.

Through targeted support for training and translational research, the DCC harnesses world-leading cancer research and clinical practice, promotes health equity, and supports more rapid transformation of research outcomes into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer for the local community and beyond, both nationally and internationally.


Cancer remains one of the most devastating and widely distributed diseases in the world.  To ensure that many more people survive it this key scientific work needs to be driven forward even more rapidly.

The University of Dundee has built up a strong base of world-class cancer researchers, who work on a broad range of themes to understand how cancer develops, grows and spreads. Research relevant to diagnosis, treatment and, particularly, prevention of the disease involve close connections to NHS Tayside, building on its strength as a national leader in key prevention strategies for diseases related to smoking, alcohol abuse, diet and health inequalities.


The greatest impact on positive cancer outcomes for people in Dundee and beyond can only be achieved through joining all relevant forces. In 2010 The University of Dundee, NHS Tayside, and Cancer Research UK came together to establish Dundee Cancer Centre as a partnership to:

  • coordinate the collaboration between cancer-focussed activities in partner organisations working towards their closer alignment and integration
  • promote and support the development of cancer-related translational research in Dundee
  • train and develop cancer researchers
  • facilitate and develop cancer-focussed public engagement activities, including health education and research promotion to patients, fundraisers and the wider public in Tayside and beyond.

In autumn 2012 the Dundee Cancer Centre launched an updated strategy setting out the direction for this partnership in the coming five years. Read more about the strategy for 2012-2017

The Dundee Cancer Centre was the first approved Cancer Research UK Centre in Scotland. Cancer research activities in Dundee also attract strong support from many other funding bodies and charities, forming the basis for a much wider network.  Read more about the cancer centres network and partners

View a short film about the Dundee Cancer Research UK Centre, which was made when the Centre was launched: