Anatomical and Medical Technologies

Theil Embalming for Surgery Training

Dundee has a world-class forensic Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification (CAHID), including a new forensic centre that is currently in development.  We are fortunate that this Centre houses one of very few locations with a thiel cadaver facility. This facility offers unparalleled opportunities for training in surgical, diagnostic and interventional procedures. This also provides a model for research and development of new medical devices and techniques. Finally, this is an exceptional teaching resource.

Institute for Medical Science and Technology

This Institute, known locally as IMSAT, was founded as a joint enterprise with the University of St Andrews in 2006. IMSAT is an interdisciplinary institute for Medical Technologies, which functions at the interface of Physics, Engineering with Clinical and Life Sciences. Main research themes at IMSAT focus on complementary research to facilitate translational research in imaging and allied topics, including instrument development for minimally-invasive surgery, laser imaging and therapy, drug delivery, regenerative medicine and medical robotics.