School of Medicine Cancer Division

The Cancer Division was formed as a direct reflection of the strong focus, both clinical and laboratory based, on cancer within the School of Medicine.


There are three main clinical themes relating to cancer, and these were highlighted as the main areas of expertise of the Dundee Cancer Centre. These focus on cancers of the breast (Professor Alastair Thompson), gastrointestinal tract (Professor Bob Steele, Professor Roland Wolf), and skin (Professor Irene Leigh, Dr Charlotte Proby, Dr Andy South). 

Clinical research is of course not limited to these three disease areas, and Dundee also has strong Clinical expertise relating to prostate cancer (Mr Ghulam Nabi), gynaecological cancer (Professor Simon Herrington), haemato-oncology (Dr Sudhir Tauro).

The School also has considerable expertise in medical imaging including MRI and PET.CT (Professor Luc Bidaut) and Ultrasound (Professor Andy Evans).


Extensive basic cancer research is also carried out in the Cancer Division on genome damage (particularly the p53 pathway), stability and signalling mechanisms (Dr Jean-Christophe Bourdon, Dr David Meek, Dr Frances Fuller-Pace, Professor Steve Keyse, Professor Paul Clarke, Professor Kevin Hiom, Dr Gareth Inman, Professor John Hayes, Dr Albena Dinkova Kostova, Dr Colin Henderson, Professor Colin Palmer, Professor Sir David Lane). Complementary research in immune signalling and antibody engineering related to cancer is carried out by an expanding group comprising Dr Susanna Fagerholm, Dr Sharon Matthews and Dr Jenny Woof.

This research theme has extensive Programme and Fellowship level support from Cancer Research UK, Leukaemia Research Fund and other major cancer charities, and substantial clinical trials funding.  Research in this field has received a major boost through the establishment of the Dundee Cancer Research UK Cancer Centre.

For more comprehensive information about the researchers in the School of Medicine, please see their website here.