Colorectal Cancer

Around 320 people per year are diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the Tayside area.

  • People treated for colorectal cancer are cared for by a multidisciplinary team which includes surgeons, oncologists, specialist nurses, pathologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists and allied health professionals.

Clinical Activities

NinewellsHospital and Medical School provides a comprehensive range of clinical services for colorectal cancer overseen by a multi-disciplinary team.  These services include:-

Colorectal Cancer Screening(the screening centre for the whole of Scotland is based at Kings Cross Hospital in Dundee) The centre sends out faecal occult blood tests to everyone aged between 50 and 75. People are asked to complete the test at home and return to the centre at Kings Cross. People who have a positive test result are invited for further assessment and investigation.

Diagnostic ServicesEndoscopy services which includes colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, Radiology which includes CT scanning, MRI and barium enema. All of these services are provided at Ninewells, PRI and Stracathro. Ninewells also provide specialist services such as nuclear medicine for tests such as  PETCT

Surgical Servicesa complete range of surgical services including open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, trans-anal surgery and liver surgery are available.  This includes advanced techniques such as trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery and in-situ ablation of metastases neither of which are widely available in the United Kingdom

Pathology in Ninewells specialist colorectal pathology has been developed

Oncologya full range of oncology services including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological therapy is available at Ninewells Hospital

Palliative Carespecialist palliative care services are available for in-patients at Ninewells Hospital and PRI and within the community based at Roxburgh House and Cornhill Centre in PRI and at the Macmillan Day Centre at Stracathro


  • At any one time, there are a number of clinical trials being carried out in colorectal cancer and patients will be asked to participate if the trial is judged to be clinically appropriate by the multidisciplinary team. Trial participation is entirely voluntary. (LINK TO CLINICAL TRIALS INFO)