Current Cancer Research UK funding opportunities

Bupa Foundation Fund Innovation Grant

The Bupa Foundation Fund aims to catalyse new multidisciplinary collaborations and develop innovative research in cancer prevention via sandpit workshops. Applications are welcome from a wide range of disciplines, including those from private, public and third sector organisations and community groups.

Deadline: 13 June 2014 (preliminary applications) 

Population Research Committee (PRC) Project Grant

This programme provides support for a defined piece of work with objectives that can be achieved in the time specified. Applications are judged on the basis of scientific excellence, innovation, relevance to cancer research and potential impact on policy and practice.

Deadline: 20 June 2014

BACR/CRUK Student Travel Awards
CR-UK have joined forces with the British Association for Cancer Research (BACR) to provide student travel awards to help students attend scientific meetings.

Deadline: 30 June 2014

Career Development fellowships

Supports outstanding scientists at the start of their independent careers. Fellows will have shown special promise in their initial postdoctoral studies, but may not yet have sufficient experience or the track record to obtain a more senior fellowship. Award provides the opportunity to set up, for the first time, an independent research group in a cancer-relevant research field.

Deadline: 4 July 2014 (preliminary applications)

Career Establishment Awards

This Award supports the best new non-clinical and clinical investigators to develop their independent career in cancer research. Successful applicants will have shown scientific excellence and originality in their career to date, but will not have had the core support to establish their own research group in a cancer-relevant field.

Deadline: 4 July 2014 (preliminary applications)

Senior Cancer Research Fellowship

Exceptional non-clinical and clinical scientists are invited to apply to establish or further develop an independent research group. Fellows will have shown scientific impact and innovation in their career so far, and may already be leading a research group. The Fellowship provides an opportunity to build on this early promise and establish a reputation as a world-leader in a cancer-relevant research field.

Deadline: 4 July 2014 (preliminary applications)

New Agents Committee Trials Funding

The New Agents Committee (NAC) funding scheme provides a one-step process for selecting new anti-cancer treatments and diagnostics and taking them into early clinical trials. The NAC was set up by Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office(DDO).
Deadline: 18 July 2014

SU2C-Cancer Research UK Translational Research Fellowship

This scheme aims to support non-clinical and clinical post-doctoral researchers focused on accelerating progress in translational cancer research. These fellowships must be carried out in two phases, one in the UK and one in the US. These fellowships will support researchers that have innovative approaches in translational cancer research, which have the potential of delivering patient benefit.

Deadline: 28 July 2014

Phase III Clinical Trial Grants

Cancer Research UK welcomes studies for cancer treatment directed at the tumour such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery with the principal objective of improving survival.

Deadline: 30 July 2014

Prospective Sample Collections Project Grants

This scheme provides funding for prospective sample collections associated with clinical trials that are about to commence or are ongoing. Only funding for the collection of blood and paraffin tumour blocks is available. Under exceptional circumstances, where specific justification is provided, funding for the collection of additional sample types will be available.
Deadline: 30 July 2014

Feasibility Study Project Grants

Feasibility studies, pilot studies and Phase II trials are viewed as purpose-driven preparatory studies, essential for determining the most appropriate questions for the next generation of Phase III trials. The Feasibility Study Project Grants scheme funds studies testing aspects of feasibility or tolerability and/or efficacy.
Deadline: 30 July 2014
Drug Development Office Project
CR-UK can develop new cancer treatments from preclinical development through to early phase patient trials.
Deadline: 31 July 2014
Tobacco Advisory Group (TAG) Project Grants
These project grants provide funding to researchers or advocacy organisations for policy research and advocacy activities in tobacco control.
Deadline: 8 August 2014
This is a short-term funding opportunity to encourage clinicians and those in related posts to be freed from clinical duties in order to pursue a research project. This scheme provides great opportunities for early career clinicians or those in professions allied to medicine to get experience of research before considering a PhD or MD.
Deadline: 15 August 2014

New Agents Committee Preclinical Funding

This New Agents Committee (NAC) funding scheme provides a one-step process to support preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies in support of novel drug/drug or novel drug/radiotherapy combinations, including novel combinations with established drugs. The output of the grant should be in vitro and in vivo data needed to support a Phase I clinical trial of the novel combination in cancer patients.

Deadline: 5 September 2014

Research Travel Award

The aim of these awards is to give Cancer Research UK-funded postdoctoral researchers a chance to develop their research skills and begin to establish an independent research career.

Deadline: 23 September 2014

Population Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

The award provides support for outstanding postdoctoral researchers to develop their careers in the field of population science.

Deadline: 7 November 2014

Population Research Committee (PRC) Programme Grants

Programme grants are intended to provide long-term support for broad, multidisciplinary research where the aim is to answer an interrelated set of questions. They are awarded to outstanding individuals with an established scientific track record.

Deadline: 7 November 2014

The Cancer Research UK/Bupa Foundation Cancer Prevention Fellowship

This Fellowship supports outstanding and innovative researchers and health care professionals who are interested in research into behavioural and lifestyle changes that can prevent people getting cancer.

Deadline: 7 November 2014

Biomarker Project Grants

Applications will be considered covering research in all types of biomarkers (predisposition, screening, diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, pharmacological and surrogate response) using invasive (i.e., surgical specimens or biofluids) and imaging technologies (i.e., MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, other nuclear medicine methods, ultrasound or optical). Studies utilising pre-existing sample collections will be prioritised. In addition, applications with a focus on brain, oesophageal, lung and pancreatic cancer are particularly welcomed.

Deadline: 10 November 2014