Research development and collaboration events

The Dundee Cancer Centre (DCC) is inviting proposals to support research development and collaboration events that advance and contribute to the strategic aims of the Centre: 

  • promote and support the development of cancer-related translational research in  Dundee
  • train and develop cancer researchers
  • promote cancer-focussed public engagement activities 

Translational research in the DCC builds on its areas of strength in skin, colo-rectal or breast cancer, surgical oncology and imaging. The DCC is also one of the key funders of the Tayside Tissue Bank.

The DCC is a partnership between The University of Dundee, NHS Tayside, and Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) established to facilitate collaboration and communication of cancer related activities between the local clinical, research and fundraising communities.

The purpose of the programme

The DCC seeks to fund a range of events or meetings that would contribute to the development of cancer research in a particular area, especially in the areas of current and emerging strength and priority for the cancer research in Dundee. Applications for thematic activities are invited from both, existing and new groups, however successful proposals are expected to help generating entirely novel research ideas and approaches as well as new collaborations in Dundee and beyond.

It is expected that funded events and meeting will encourage new multidisciplinary links in basic and translational research and, particularly, collaborations linking basic research to the clinical cancer practice. The DCC would also expect such events to contribute to growing links and collaborations with cancer research centres of excellence across Scotland and wider UK.

Applicants from across full spectrum of cancer research are invited to apply. Applicants are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively about the format and type of events that could help advance collaborations and research development in their area. Applicants are also expected to consider how such research development events could contribute to the training of cancer researchers at all stages of their careers or public engagement on science and treatments of cancer.

The DCC expects applicants to provide a report after the event summarising the outcomes as well as identifying opportunities and further steps to take them forward.

The DCC would normally consider proposals for events and meetings such as research conferences, research focus groups, research workshops, research seminars or showcase events. The DCC is open to consider proposals for a different type of research development and collaboration activity if a compelling case is made.

The DCC will consider applications to provide part funding for an activity provided that proposal fully meets the criteria of this programme and co-funding arrangements are deemed appropriate and feasible.               


The funding under this call is available for events and meetings to be led by researchers and/or clinicians in NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee.

Funding and support available 

The funding available under this programme normally will support the costs of holding an event or meeting, such as the payments for venue, catering, meeting equipment or publicity materials. Funding will not cover any routine consumables, salary or honorarium costs. Funding will not normally cover any local travel in Dundee. Any other subsistence toward the travel of participants or speakers should be explicitly justified in the proposal. The DCC is not able solely to fund international speakers or participants but would consider small scale support if exceptional case is made.      

For any large scale events or seminars the DCC may be able to provide assistance with sourcing and booking venues, if applicants make their case. For all events and meetings the DCC will be able to provide assistance with publicising and promoting the events in and outside Dundee.

It is not expected that the DCC funded events would take more than one day, unless a compelling case is made in the proposal.

Listed below is indicative maximum level of funding available for different types of events:

  • Research conference - up to £5,000
  • Research focus group or workshop - up to £2,000
  • Research seminar - up to £500

The DCC seeks to provide support to all necessary resources for events to take place; however it expects applicants to think carefully about their budgeting and will only fund proposals that have taken into account the value for money. 

Associated events

The DCC would consider requests to sponsor events and meetings initiated outside the DCC umbrella if they contribute to the aims of this programme and comply with the remit of available funding. This may include catering for participants, funding a speaker, sponsoring a prize or similar. The DCC would expect to have appropriate visibility at the event as well as receive a report on the outcome. The level of funding available for such request is up to £300.    

Application and assessment process

The proposals will be assessed and funding decision will be taken by the DCC Management team which meets every two months. Applications for funding under this programme are invited at any time. However, to ensure that the proposal is considered at the nearest DCC Management team meeting applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by the following date:

  • 1 December 2013
  • 1 March 2014
  • 1 July 2014
  • 1 October 2013

The expected decision date will be confirmed when proposal is received. The funding decisions will take into account the potential of proposed activities to contribute to the DCC aims of strengthening and growing cancer-related translational research in Dundee, building and expanding links between researchers in Dundee and beyond, the novelty, importance and potential of the proposed research theme.          

Proposals for funding should be sent via e-mail to  

Download application form (.Doc)


For any queries related to this competition please contact