Dundee cancer researcher wins at major international symposium

Lesley McLaughlin, a University of Dundee researcher in the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre, was awarded best poster prize from among 200 presentations at the 2014 International Symposium on Microsomes & Drug Oxidations, held this year in Stuttgart, Germany.

Her poster demonstrated that,  in vitro and in vivo, the haemoprotein Cytochrome b5 can significantly affect the function of certain enzymes that are essential for drugs, including anti-cancer drugs, to function effectively.

"Some drugs, especially anti-cancer medications, have narrow therapeutic windows," explained Lesley. "It is often difficult to establish and maintain the balance between the positive effects of a drug and its side-effects in the body.   Any factor that affects the optimum drug concentration - too low may be ineffective and too high may be toxic and - could therefore potentially render a drug useless or potentially dangerous."

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